Winding Rewinding Machine


Heavy duty Winding Rewinding Machine with high quality equipment, 28 types of different Winding Rewinding Machine for various applications. Winding Rewinding Machine on custom application and client’s requirement. Winding Rewinding Machine with slitting system and inkjet printer for batch coding and many more features and technology.

Standard Features

  • Cantilever design balancing body for easy loading and unloading of parent / rewound reel. Movable unwind stage for Edge guiding System, web guiding system (Hydraulic Web Aligner).
  • Mechanical 1.5 / 2.5 Kg. Optional Magnetic powder brake with tension controller & Torque control potentiometer. Provision for incorporating Ink Jet Printing System with Hot air ink drying.
  • The Model is specially designed for correcting badly wounded reels for inspection & doctoring operation.
  • It is great substitute to online coding / batching operation
  • M.S. CHANNEL FRAME BODY with mechanical clutch & break unwind / unwind system, unwind / rewind shaft & cones for printed material holding cores for printed material cores, alum – guide roller & all other standard accessories.

Technical Specification

Winding Rewinding Machine

  • Web Width : 100 mm to 1500 mm
  • Maximum Weight of Unwind: 100 Kg to 1000 Kg (Different Models for different Weight)
  • Max Parent Reel dia.: 400 mm.
  • Max. Rewind reel dia.: 400 mm
  • Rewind Core Dia.: 76 mm
  • Motor: 2 HP DC motor / 2 HP AC motor (3 HP, 5 HP also available on suitable Model)
  • Max. Designed Speed: 100 to 150 Mtrs / min


  1. Line Guide System for Electronic Edge Sensing for Perfect Winding
  2. Air Shaft at Unwinder & Rewinder
  3. Tension Control System for Auto Tension at Unwinder.
  4. Reverse Forward System
  5. Stroboscopic Equipment for Inspection
  6. Techno Feed System to keep speed constant from start to end of roll
  7. Encoder for Inkjet Printer
  8. High Capacity Blower Fan with Heater (800W) attached to facilitate quick drying of Ink
  9. Slitting Arrangement


  • Convenient height for operation
  • Compact Design
  • Variable speed drive
  • Double drive


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