BOPP Tape Slitting Rewinding Machine


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Standard Features

BOPP Tape Slitting Rewinding Machine

Slitting of all types of material like Plastic, Paper, Flexible Packaging, PVC, Aluminum Foil, Stretch Film, LDPE Film, BOPP Film, BOPP Tape, OPP, METPET, Pet Film, OPA, Non-Woven Fabric, Paper Board, Adhesive Tape, Film Ribbon, Textile Cloth, Nylon Fabric, Micro Tape, Coated Paper, Ice Cream Cup Paper, Fax Roll, Laminated Film, Cling Film, Duct Tape, Mask Tape, Rubber, Tarpaulin, Tube, etc. makes us most experienced manufacturer, exporter & supplier of Slitter Rewinder Machine.

  • Air shaft for 76mm core
  • Type of slitting: Razor in groove / circular rotary slitting system
  • One full width capacity grooved roller
  • One full width capacity hard chrome plated steel roller
  • One full width capacity rubber roller
  • Pressure is applied from the operation side of the machine
  • Type of Rewinding: Turret Type Winding for Quick Change Over of Rolls
  • All Knurling Rollers for tight gripping of Gum Tape

Our machine is an ultimate Slitter and Rewinder Machine for its accurate slitting and rewinding qualities. It ensures perfect slitting of rolls with consistent, flawless results and constant line speed. It is available in adaptable model to suit your requirement. Our Slitting Rewinding Machine is available in Rewinder, Duplex surface slitter and Rewinder and Canti lever differential slitter and Rewinder. Our BOPP Tape Slitting Rewinding Machine is renowned for its accurate slitting at a higher speed and vibration less working.

KEW Slitting Rewinding Machine ensures perfect slitting of rolls with consistent flawless quality and constant line speed. It is available in adaptable model to suit your requirement.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification of Surface Slitting Rewinding Machine:


  • Working width – up to 1650mm (Standard 1350 mm)
  • Speed – 150 meters per minute
  • Equipped with both razor blade and crush cutting system
  • Duplex rewinding with turrets suitable for both 76mm & 25mm diameter mandrels
  • Individual pneumatic clutches for precise tension control
  • Thyristor controlled DC drive
  • Slitting in good observation position


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